Simple changes you can make now to start improving your health
Addresses 3 key areas which play a major part to help regulate all hormones
Food, supplement and lifestyle strategies to support healthy hormones
Start Your Healthy Hormone Journey
What Clients Are Saying
"These programs provided an enhancement to my healthy lifestyle with great meal plans and other important lifestyle information. Although I have not yet implemented all her suggestions/changes, I experienced a large improvement with all my symptoms. Her help has given me hope that things can be "fixed" for me. At this point I feel I have gained my life back! " 

"...Heather's recommendations proved to be very helpful. I was having symptoms such as sleep disturbances and hot flashes, but now NOTHING...ZIP...I feel fantastic!"

"I felt so much calmer, had more energy and I was able to experience a deeper sleep and stay asleep. My symptoms with endometriosis disappeared little by little. I learned so much important information on how to maintain healthy, balanced hormones. I can't recommend Heather and her programs enough.
Hi! I am Heather Weddell - your Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Hormone Health Specialist. I work with women who are ready to ditch the overwhelm, improve their energy and well-being so they can create a healthy lifestyle and enjoy life to the fullest.

It does not matter if you are suffering from fatigue, irritability, sleep deprivation, reproductive issues, anxiety, depression, blood sugar problems, headaches, or just about anything you can think of – hormones are playing a role. There are simple things you can do to support your body to help your hormones behave. And now you can focus on three key areas to get started!